Capacity of Vojany - Uzhgorod gas pipeline may increase

Interiér kompresorovej plynovej stanice plynovodu Vojany-Užhorod. Foto: ilustračné, SITA/Jozef Jarošík

Slovak natural gas carrier, the company Eustream, is ready to increase the capacity of the reversed Slovak-Ukrainian gas pipeline. “We have completed the preparatory and engineering activities concerning the project titled “Reverse Flow of Natural Gas in Direction to Ukraine” in connection with the possible increase in gas transport from Slovakia to Ukraine,“ the company Eustream stated in its development plan for the years 2020-2029. The decision on increasing the capacity of the gas pipeline Vojany – Uzhgorod will depend, in particular, on Ukraine’s interest. “The project will advance to the next phase once the final investment decision is made, however, the date is yet unclear. Currently, we do not register any request for increasing the transport capacity to Ukraine,“ Eustream stated.

Full story in Slovak: Kapacita vojanského plynovodu sa môže zvýšiť, ak bude záujem

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