Police continue to scrutinize Mochovce NPP

Polícia, zásah, elektráreň Mochovce
V jadrovej elektrárni Mochovce zasahovala NAKA, zadržali dve osoby. Foto: www.facebook.com.

The specialized police team is still working and verifying all suspicions related to the completion of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. Michal Slivka, a spokesman for the Police Force Presidium of the Slovak Republic, stated for the vEnergetike.sk portal that several criminal prosecutions are going ahead, especially involving property crime. „These concern particularly serious crimes of fraud, violation of duty in the administration of someone else’s property and others. Damages in individual cases range from hundreds of thousands of euros to more than 22 million euros,“ Slivka added. Slivka says that several natural and legal persons are being prosecuted in criminal matters. However, he did not specify the number of prosecutions. The police carried out raids code-named Paints, Debtor, Manager, Atom and Fire directly at Mochovce side. For the time being, the police do not want to specify all the criminal activities that the specialized team is dealing with not only in the area of ​​criminal proceedings, but also in the area of ​​suspicions of committing other criminal offenses. „It could thwart the investigation. However, we can assure that the specialized team has all the information concerning various suspicions related to the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit in, deals with them intensively and carries out all necessary statutory procedures,“ Slivka stressed.

Full story in Slovak: Polícia vedie v prípade dostavby Mochoviec viacero trestných stíhaní

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