Slovaks to have access to gas supplies also in crisis


Slovak consumers of natural gas do not have to fear a crisis that may arise in early 2020 after Ukraine and Russia fail to strike an agreement. The crisis is unlikely to happen even if gas supplies are halted to Slovakia from both directions, the East or the West, gas authorities, Economy Minister Peter Ziga and the heads of the most significant gas companies in Slovakia agreed. “We are fully ready for any scenario. I believe that we will not witness any gas supplies reductions for our customers this winter,“ Ziga said at the press conference on Monday, after meeting the representatives of gas companies. Ziga discussed with gas directors four possible scenarios that may happen in January 2020. The first scenario is that Russia and Ukraine will strike new contracts and gas supplies will continue from the East to Europe. Ziga says that Slovakia is ready also for other three scenarios. “We are ready for the reduced volumes of gas supplies to Slovakia. We are ready for the closure of the gas point Velke Kapusany in Western Slovakia when gas flows from the West, but the East,“ Ziga added. Slovakia is also ready for the situation when gas supplies are disrupted from both directions, the East or the West.

Full story in Slovak: Slováci sa k plynu dostanú aj v prípade úplnej krízy, tvrdia plynárenské autority

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