Companies may obtain RES subsidies

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Ecological energy renewable solar panel plant with urban landscape landmarks
Companies may obtain RES subsidies. Foto: ilustračné, Adobe Stock
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Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises will be able to obtain a subsidy for the purchase and installation of a small renewable energy source (RES). According to Stredoslovenska Energetika (SSE), the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) is already working on the Green to Companies project. The maximum subsidy will be 70,000 euros per company.

The pilot project will distribute vouchers for the installation of RES and for conducting energy audits. The vouchers will cover 35% of the total eligible costs with a possible 5% bonus if the energy audit confirms that at least 90% of the energy generated by the subsidized equipment will be consumed by the company. An additional 5% can be obtained for facilities that cause minimal air pollution.

“The maximum price per unit of installed output will be set as well to ensure economical use of costs,” SSE said.

Subsidies will apply to equipment generating heat/cool air or electricity, namely photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, solar collectors, and wind turbines (35-45%, a maximum of 70,000 euros). The SIEA will also support energy accumulation in battery energy storage systems.

“Eligible costs include spending on energy audit (45%, a maximum of 2,500 euros),” Stredoslovenska Energetika added.

Full story in Slovak: Podniky budú môcť tiež získať dotáciu na malý obnoviteľný zdroj energie, SIEA poskytne až 70-tisíc eur na firmu 

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