Eustream sees no threat in Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Plyn plynovod eustream
Ilustračné foto eustream, a.s.

The Slovak natural gas carrier, the company Eustream, no longer considers the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline its threat. Director General of Eustream, Rastislav Nukovic, said that the Slovak operator of the gas transit network is and will remain the European strategic infrastructure in the long term, even after the Nord Stream 2 is put into operation. He says that a decline in gas transit from Ukraine to the West is to be offset by the gas transit from the West to the East and South after completing Nord Stream 2. “This is the case of Slovakia. Natural gas which is being transported by Eustream across Slovakia from Ukraine continues to the Austrian and Italian market. Once the Nord Stream 2 is completed, the Russian gas transit to Germany will increase. However, this gas must logically reach Slovakia through the Czech Republic so that it can continue to Austria and Italy,“ Nukovic stated for the website of the Slovak Gas and Oil Association

Full story in Slovak: Eustream sa plynovodu Nord Stream 2 nebojí. Očakáva zvýšenú prepravu plynu zo západu.

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