Power companies still have to pay special levy

Euro bankovky peniaze mince
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The future of the special levy from business activities in regulated sectors is still open. The Finance Ministry has not yet finished a review on the preliminary information on establishing legal regulations related to the Act on Special Levy. Under the plans of the Finance Ministry, the review of the preliminary information was expected to end in the first half of this year. “We have started the legislative process by publishing the preliminary information. The main objective of the proposal is to review the rules of the application and effectiveness of the special levy from business activities in regulated industries. It is too early to talk about specific proposals since the legislative process has not yet come to an end,“  the Finance Ministry informed the portal vEnergetike.sk. The special levy for the companies active in power, insurance, public healthcare, electronic communications, pharmacy, postal services and transport sector remains in force. The ministry says that the rate will be gradually reduced, starting as of 2021. According to the prognosis of the Finance Ministry, regulated companies are to pay almost 124 million euros in the special levy to the state coffers this year and 126 million euros next year.

Full story in Slovak: Energofirmy stále musia platiť osobitný odvod

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