Austria battles against nuclear capacities

Jaslovské Bohunice
Atómová elektráreň Jaslovské Bohunice. Foto: ilustračné, Getty Images

Austria does not plan to end its battle against the use of nuclear energy in neighboring countries. The Austrian government is getting ready for another fight against nuclear capacities in the countries it boarders with. The Austrian Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism is holding an online poll, asking Austrian citizens if they want the Austrian government to continue fighting for the end of nuclear age. The Austrian ministry intends to fight, in particular, against fifteen nuclear power plants located within a 200-kilometer range of their state borders. The poll has not yet ended. “The preliminary results by November 19 showed that more than 90 percent of respondents support Austria’s fight against nuclear installations. A little less than 10 percent expressed the opposite opinion,“ the Austrian ministry informed the portal The Slovak Economy Ministry is taken aback by the initiative of the Austria’s interim government.

Full story in Slovak: Rakúšania budú naďalej bojovať proti jadru v okolitých krajinách

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